Best Activities You Should Try During Winter

Think winter is dull? Think again! These activities will surely make your winter the most memorable one yet!

Establish a winter bonfire, make delicious s’mores, and enjoy a chat with your friends!

Entice birds with food or simply go birdwatching. Take pictures of them too!

Go snowshoeing.

Sledding with dogGlide on your ice skates!

Take your family to a winter camp or visit to nearby state parks and enjoy the beautiful view.

Are you a dog lover? Watch a dog-sled race! This type of competition isn’t just available in Alaska, my friend. All you have to do is check your Department of Natural Resources web page and look for the list of coming events.

If you don’t like watching dogs sled, you can go sledding yourself!

Create a fort and invite your spouse and kids to a snowball fight. I’m sure they won’t say no.

If you don’t like snowball fights, you can just purchase a snow block maker and build an igloo with your family.

Do you need some alone time with your partner without the kids? Go on a winter picnic. Bring sandwiches, hot drinks, and blankets too.

Child using shovel to remove snowUnleash your photography skills by taking photos of the winter landscape. You can only do this with proper outfit and equipment, so be sure you have everything you need before you head out.

If you want some action and exercise, you can also shovel trails in the snow.

Start a snowman building competition. Invite your family members to a contest; the winner will be the one who made the best-looking and unique snowman. Before you start, agree on the loser’s consequence first, and make sure the kids are paired with adults for a fair competition. Let the neighbors decide who wins!

Go skiing with the family.

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