What A Handyman Should Do Before and During Winter

Winter is coming! There are many things to do before and during this cold season, and some of which are listed below. Get yourself busy to enjoy winter more!


Winterize your pressure washer

If you own a pressure washer, you should winterize it before winter. Otherwise, you’re giving ice a chance to destroy it. Don’t leave it in your garage throughout winter without draining its pump. If you do so, the water will freeze and expand. Once you turn it back on, the water will spray from all parts of your machine except where it should come from—the wand. So do your pressure washer a favor and winterize it before the cold season.

Change the wiper blades of your car

Switch to winter wiper blades before the cold season so that your current blade supports won’t get loaded with snow and break. Remember that standard blades can often be jammed with ice and snow, but winter blades come with a rubber covering that fixes that issue. Winter wiper blades are wrapped in a rubber boot which prevents snow and ice from accumulating, making it easier for you to drive during winter.

Drain your hoses

Don’t forget to drain your garden hoses before storing them for winter too! If you do so, freezing water will split the hoses open, and before you know it, you’ll be spending money unexpectedly for new tubes.

Draining is easy: You just have to blast out all the water using an air compressor.


Who says you can’t do anything productive during the coldest season of the year? With the right tools from Healthy Handyman, any handyman can do these activities:

Update fans and light fixtures


This cheap update is going to change the way your home will appear. Alter the ambiance of your beloved abode with a few light and fan upgrades. You can start by reversing your ceiling fans during winter to help it push the warm air down.


Give your walls a new look by changing their color! With a paint sprayer, this activity won’t be a hassle. It’s better to use bright colors to get rid of the gloom brought by winter.

Renovate the kitchen

Whether you’re tight on budget or not, there’s always something to improve in the kitchen. You can merely add new accessories to your cabinets or replace the kitchen floor if you have the time and money. You could also improve the faucets and sinks.

Improve the bathroom

Another indoor and productive activity you can do during winter is to upgrade your bathroom. You could install a touchless faucet, change the color of the light bulb, add a mirror, etc.

Repair doors and windows

door weather stripping

Winter is also a great time to repair broken windows and doors. You could even add weather stripping around your home if you wish. This will also decrease your energy bills that have heightened up the past days.

Tune up the water heater and furnace

Finally, don’t forget to change the furnace filters of your HVAC unit to enhance its efficiency. Clean the filters and replace them if necessary during winter.


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